2021 Rally Day

Outdoor Worship & Celebration Brunch

Sunday, September 12th, at 10:00 am!

Come celebrate the kick off to all of our Christian Education Programs
and Volunteer Opportunities here at St. James!

Sunday School, Midweek, Confirmation, Men’s Bible Study, Women’s Bible Studies, Choir, Church Boards, Altar Guild, Prayer Partners, Multimedia, Greeters, Ushers, Coffee Servicers, and Nursery Attendants.

People of God!

Goodbye Summer! Hello Fall!

I hope you had a great summer and were able to get out and enjoy our Magnificent West Michigan! I had a great Men's Canoe Expedition to the Boundary Waters in July! Crew was made up of myself, long time paddle veteran from the beginning -- Henry Friday, Eric Lindstrom, Gary Mason, Tim Ross, and Casey Seymour. One of the best trips I've been on for enjoyment and fellowship!

Deb and I hosted our horde of older grandkids splitting them into the two months of July and August -- 5 in July and up to 7 in August. Took them horseback riding. Playgrounds. Measured and estimated the age of some of the very old trees here in Pentwater. Oldest was an Red Oak at 264 years! Oldest White Pine was 205. One Black Walnut was 200! Almost every day was a beach day. And with the older boys -- FOOSBALL! A couple years back my kids bought me a new foosball table which we have in the family room in the basement so I can teach my grandkids like I taught them. Well, I taught, and they learned! Depending on the team makeup, I got beat. Twice. Crushed like grapes. I'm just an old, frail, grandpa, playing against these strong, quick, young whippersnappers! Much fun! Deb and I enjoyed many walks with our three dogs down to the beach and back and she and I enjoyed some beach outings together. All good!

Son Micah was installed as a Vicar at Trinity Lutheran Church in Hampton, Iowa, on Sunday, August 15th. So begins what I believe will be an outstanding year for him and his family! Then he'll be back to our Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, for one last year before graduation and placement!

We welcome Marilee Bailey who will be filling the role of Preschool Aide. We are excited to have her as part of our church staff!

Our 150th Anniversary Committee resumes meeting this month to continue our planning for next year's celebration! It's going to be great!

Confirmation Classes begin on Wednesday, September 8th, at 6:30 p.m., and our Annual Spring Hill Retreat will be over the weekend of September 17-18-19.

Wednesday evening Midweek, for Preschoolers - 5th Grade, begins on Wednesday, September 15th, at 6:30 p.m.

Rally Day is Sunday, September 12th, at 10:00 am, with outdoor worship, followed by a brunch.

It has been encouraging to see many of our church family returning to worship in person. We are blessed to be able to post our worship services online. But if you able, I ask you to return to worshipping in God's House. We need to be together. We need to be nurtured and fed on God's Word and Sacrament. And we also need the fellowship with one another. Regular worship times of 8:15 and 10:45 begin on Sunday, September 5th, with the exception of Rally Day.

As we say goodbye to Summer and Hello to Fall, we enter the coming months with confidence walking closely with our Lord who loves us and with each other!

  ~ Pastor Brooks

Baptisms 2 Kashton Creed Ramthun (7/11/21)
Bonnie Gayle Nordlund (7/25/21)
Confirmations 0
Weddings 2 Judson & Mandy VanBergen (7/31/21)
Alex & Jillian Goodrich (8/21/21)
Funerals 2 Larry Fox (5/27/21)
Fay Townsend (7/14/21)

Today, I thought it would be interesting to look up words for change. Here were a couple words that really stood out to me as I reflect on what it means to change;

alteration, difference, review, amendment, metamorphosis,
transfiguration, oscillation, shift, adjustment, and tweak

This list doesn’t even compare to how many words exist to begin to clarify what it means to change.

As Emilie and I prepare for our first child, things are starting to shift. We are setting up the nursery, getting rid of old furniture that we have had since we were children, adjusting our budget, reviewing our schedule, and trying to teach our ‘Cat’ what all this new stuff is in the house.

With all the change that is happening around the world, in our community, and even in our own families, sometimes it feels like we are never up-to-date. We are consistently bombarded with change. Change happens though. It’s inevitable. And I know that change is not easy. One thing that I know that will never change though is God’s love. We read in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.” His love, His death, and His life will always be true. It will never change.

The first verse from “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” really shows us the depth of which His love means. Take some time to reflect on His love throughout this upcoming week.

How deep the Father’s love for us,
How vast beyond all measure,
That He should give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure.
How great the pain of searing loss –
The Father turns His face away,
As wounds which mar the Chosen One
Bring many sons to glory.

As we prepare for the fall, I want to bring a couple dates to your attention:

September 12th – Rally Day/NYG meeting for all 8th – 12th grade students. 12:30 pm Youth Group 6th – 12th 6:00 pm

September 14th – Bible Refresher Class 5:00 pm (Meets every Tuesday)

September 15th – Midweek begins

September 17th-19th – Confirmation Retreat 6th – 8th grade. Meet at 5:30 & Leave Church at 6:00 pm

September 19th – First class of Sunday School

September 26th – Youth Group 6th – 12th grade 1:00 pm

I’m looking forward to the fall and everything coming up. Remember to check your bulletin weekly for the most up to date news as things sometimes “change” last minute. :D

In Christ,
  Russell Baumann


September is here and we are ready for school!

OPENINGS STILL AVAILABLE - Please call Ellen Grimm for additional information at 231-730-1726 to register your child today.

I welcome Marilee Bailey as she joins Good Shepherd. I am excited to share my love of children and their development with her.

T-Th Open House Tues, September 7th @ 7:00 pm
M-W-F Open House Wed, September 8th @ 7:00 pm

Parents and the child attending school are welcome to attend. Specific classrooms to visit will be assigned.

T-Th First Day of School - Thurs, September 9th @ 9:00 am
M-W-F First Day of School - Fri, September 10th @ 9:00 am

Prayers offered for the children and their families who will be attending Good Shepherd. May He keep them healthy and guide them as we grow together in faith, love, and development.

Excited to continue this ministry ~
  Ellen Grimm


We welcome Marilee Bailey to our St. James Staff! Marilee will be filling the role of Preschool Teacher Aide. Welcome Marilee!

St. James Choir

After an extended break, Choir is ready to get back singing! Choir Practice is set to begin on Tuesday, September 7, at 6:30-7:30 pm, in the sanctuary! All are welcome! Come make a joyful noise with us!

Rally Day ~ Sunday, September 12th, 10:00 am

Outdoor Worship and Kick-off Celebration for all of our educational programs and volunteer opportunities here at St. James!

Confirmation Classes ~ 6th-8th Grades

Classes begin Wednesday, September 8th, at 6:30 pm

Bible Refresher Class

Class begins Tuesday, September 14th, at 5:00 pm, sign up!

Midweek Classes

Preschool-5th Grade classes begin Wednesday, September 15th, at 6:30 pm

Sunday School Classes

Begin Sunday, September 19th, at 9:30 am

Pew Sisters Bible Study

Meets every Thursday at 3:30 pm

Men's Monday Morning Bible Study

We will be taking the month of September off. We will be starting again on Monday, October 4th, at 8:30 am. If you have any questions please call Bob Stevens at 231-894-6297

Rally Day Sign Up

Sign-up sheets will be available on Rally Day, for the various serving opportunities here at St. James! Please be sure to check out the lists and plug in where you can!!

Sunday School News

What a great summer it's been! Life felt normal again, being able to get together with family and friends, going on vacations, along with all the great activities that have taken place right here at St. James Lutheran. I hope your summer was amazing.

Our Sunday School Team has been working throughout the summer, making plans and prepping for the Sunday School Year 2021/2022. We will begin the year with our annual Rally Day on Sunday, September 12, with an outdoor service and a brunch to follow. Activities are planned for the kids!

The Sunday School Fellowship Hall area has a new look. Thanks to Russell and many other volunteers, that spent hours painting. It looks great!!!

This year the sign in table will be back downstairs, to the right of the elevator door. Above it will be a calendar with all of our activities, birthdays, and special events for the month.

We welcome Jen Stevenson to our Team. She will be teaching preschool and kindergarten. We are excited to have her on board. Thanks for stepping up Jen!

In the late spring, at the end of the 2020 Sunday School year, I handed out enrollment forms. I would greatly appreciate it if you could get them filled out and back to the church! Having a head count is a great help to us as we prepare for our first day back. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to seeing all of the kids!

Grateful to serve...
  Angie Wigren

New Education Program

Ignite Midweek (Young 3's - K)
Ignite Midweek is a brand new program on Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30p, geared specifically for kids 3 years old (potty trained) through Kindergarten. This program's goal is to introduce Bible stories with games and crafts to build friendships and learn about Jesus. The program will be led by Amber Mayville and Emilie Baumann. A sign-up sheet to register will be available on the Midweek sign up board.

1st Sunday Freewill Offering

We will continue collecting a Freewill Offering on the 1st Sunday of each month! All of the donations will be used for the 2022 150th Anniversary Celebration!

150th Anniversary Committee

Summer's over and it's time to get back to work. The Anniversary Committee will meet Monday, September 13th, at 6:30 pm in the conference room. Come prepared to pick up where we left off last May. Time to start firming up some of the plans we have discussed. Before you know it, 2022 will be here and it will be time to celebrate.

Hey Parents...

Please get your College Student's address into the church! We would like to send them a care package and also a newsletter to keep them updated with our events!!

Congregational Meeting

Wednesday, September 15th, at 7:30 pm If you would like to add a discussion item to the agenda, please contact the church office at 894-8471 by September 10th - 21st.

Spring Hill

Confirmation Retreat, 6-8th Grade Confirmation Students. Friday, September 17th through Sunday, September 19th We meet here at church on Friday at 5:30 pm and will leave by 6:00 pm. Remember to bring your permission slips!

Women's Bible Study

The Pew Sisters are very excited about their new study, "Autopsy of a Deceased Church". They don't feel as though we are deceased, however, we are slightly sick, due to Covid and forces of the world. It is our job to put on the armor of God and become involved in keeping us a viable, active church. What can each of us do to keep our church alive?
  1. Be here!
  2. Financial support, every little bit helps!
  3. Get involved!! Every single one of us has a gift...use it!
  4. Pray without ceasing for our Pastor, church workers, and church family, those on our prayer list, and our Nation!

Thrivent Member Meeting

Sunday, September 26th, at 11:30 am in the Fellowship Hall. Free lunch for all Thrivent members. Come learn about Thrivent Action teams, benefits, and more.

Funeral Luncheons

Eileen Schroeder has decided to step down as Luncheon Coordinator and Faith Mayville has agreed to fill the spot. A BIG Thank You to Eileen for her awesome service to our church families! What a blessing you have been! And a BIG Thank You to Faith for taking over the reins!!

Baby Shower

All St. James ladies are invited to the Baumann Baby Shower Saturday, October 2nd, from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Check out the bulletin board for more details and please sign up if you plan on attending!

Thrivent Financial ~ September is Life Insurance Awareness Month

It's always important to be safe and protect your family. Having adequate life insurance coverage is integral to a good financial plan, and there are many reasons to choose life insurance. First, it can serve as the foundation of a strong financial strategy and offer a sense of security for the future. Depending on the life insurance you choose, it also can provide growth opportunities and benefits that you can use throughout your lifetime. And, it's also a way to leave a legacy for your family or the causes you care deeply about.
If you are interested in learning more or applying, please email us at Whitehalloffice@thrivent.com, or call the Thrivent Whitehall Office at 231-894-8886 to talk with your Financial Advisors Marci Bentz and Tony De Nicolo.

Coming Soon...

Medicare Seminar, Tuesday, October 19th, at 10:00 am, in the Youth House.
This free seminar is to inform you of upcoming changes in your Medicare and supplementals insurance. Greg Borgeson, of Capstone Services, will be covering these items in an easy-to-understand format. Who knows, you might save some money. Seating is limited, so please sign up early on the sheet in the narthex or call the church office. If you have any questions, please call Ruth Ann Francis at 231-292-1171.


Saturday, November 13th
The time has come to join again as "Women of St. James". Together we can grow in Christ and accomplish great things. We are planning a half day beginning at 8:30am.
We will host a Sole Hope Shoe Party. This is our chance to be a part of the shoemaking process. No sewing or special skills are required! We are prepping the fabric that will be finished into shoes in Uganda. We will begin with a devotion and songs and then begin working side by side to prepare materials.
More details and event cost to follow, please save the date for some fun and fellowship with our sisters in Christ. Questions? Desire to help? Please call Ellen Grimm at 231-730-1726. I can't wait to gather together again!

Online Service Directions!

How to watch our services online step by step: on Facebook Live on Sundays at 8:15 am (and 6:30pm on Wednesdays during Advent)
  1. In the top search bar... Go to https://www.facebook.com/stjamesmontague/
    (You do not need to have a Facebook account page to access this)
  2. Close the popup box asking to login to your Facebook account.
  3. Scroll down through the Facebook page until you come across the most recent videos
  4. Click on the Live video of the church service.
  5. Explore the rest of the Facebook page and watch other videos. 😊

September Birthdays
09/01Emily Nordlund09/17Daniel DuBois
09/02Jim Eastman09/17Elijah Towne
09/04Billie Tryska09/17Laicey Chamberlain
09/04Kay Snell09/17Paige Ramthun
09/06Rosie Eppard09/19Jim Towne
09/07Rose Fremer09/20Pat Allen
09/08E.B. Boulet09/20Wren Tryska
09/08Marva Riggs09/21Dan Sikkenga
09/08Sue Richards09/21Sandy Veltman
09/10Isabella Zuniga09/24Leah Stevens
09/11Alan Gittins09/24Michelle Auble
09/11Ken VanBergen09/25Kim Mason
09/11Matt Schroeder09/26Dorianne Kittridge
09/13Doris Grover09/26Marsha Ramey
09/13Ellen Grimm09/27Tom Rabe
09/13George Muyskens09/29Linda Fichter
09/16Martha Wackernagel09/30Elliot Bantien
09/16Matt Hedges

ELDERSGreg NeubauerJeff Boulet
TRUSTEESJames RamthunBecky Winters
ACOLYTESDelaney Hopma
USHERSTom BlinkMike Griffith
Jake BlinkKen DuBois
Kevin BuchbergerBrian Bentz
Claude BabcockAvarie Bentz
ALTAR CAREConnie Kring & Karen Mott
PRAYER PARTNERS5thBob StevensLance Fichter
12thOutdoor Rally Day Worship Service at 10:00 am
19thJay MulderCasey Seymour
26thGreg NeubauerBrian Bentz
GREETERS5thM/M Bob StevensM/M Lance Fichter
12thOutdoor Rally Day Worship Service at 10:00 am
19thM/M Jim MorningstarGloria Bernhardt
26thM/M Tom BlinkM/M Brian Bentz
MULTI-MEDIA5thJeri WondersEric Lindstrom
12thOutdoor Rally Day Worship Service at 10:00 am
19thAlicia KoskiLizbeth Bentz
26thEric LindstromFriday Family
COFFEE5thWendy Kessler & Jen Huizenga
12thOutdoor Rally Day Worship Service at 10:00 am
19thSue Griffith & Kim DuBois
26thMary Albrecht & Cathy Hissong
NURSERYThe nursery is available but not staffed.
ALTAR5thDave & Tina Ramthun (42 years!)
19thGloria Bernhardt


Just a reminder to Elders, Trustees, Acolytes, and Ushers... 1st service group is also responsible for the odd dated Lenten services. 2nd service group is responsible for the even dated Lenten services.
Thank you for serving!!

Funeral Families
If we have a funeral, Faith Mayville, our Luncheon Coordinator will contact you for help. Each funeral luncheon requires table/chair set up, food donations, food servers (kitchen staff), and table/chair take down. Faith will let you know what is needed.