Saturday, November 3rd

Two Settings
4:00 pm & 6:30 pm

Bake Sale ~ 4:00-6:30 pm
Silent Quilt Auction ~ 4:00-6:30 pm

Tickets: $12.00 (Adults), $6.00 (6-12), 5 and under are free

The Menu:
Roasted Pork Loin, Oven Fried Chicken, German Style Sauerkraut, Real Mashed Potatoes, Pork Gravy, Stuffing, Squash, Green Beans, Rolls, Pies, and Beverages

All Dinner Proceeds will go to:
50% to Kitchen Supplies,
25% to White Lake Food Pantry,
25% to Christ the Rock Food Pantry

All Bake Sale Proceeds will go to the Emergency Fund

Reservations recommended!

To reserve tickets call 894-2290 or the church office at 894-8471

(This is a Thrivent Financial Sponsored Event)

People of God!

As I write this I am remembering our incredible Junior High Youth on our annual 6th-7th-8th grader Confirmation Retreat at Spring Hill Camp near Evart! We are so very blessed here at St. James to have such great kids! They are fantastic! Our topic of study was Noah and the world-wide flood and I am always amazed at how quickly they absorb information and remember it! Outside of our three study sessions our kids took on the Climbing Wall, Zip Line, and indoor High Ropes course. They are bold and they are brave! It is such fun to see them conquer these challenge courses! There was also scheduled time to go swimming in the indoor pool, hang out and play in the game room and gym (Thank you Olivia for being my foosball team mate and crushing our opponents like grapes! You were awesome!). And THANK YOU, Dads and Moms, for entrusting us with your wonderful children and sending them with us! I also thank our chaperones this last weekend: Bonnie Ingersol, Cortney Friday, Karissa Tryska, Marci Benz, Todd Rachow, and Ron Bailey! I appreciate you coming and helping! Hopefully on Sunday, October 7th, we will show a presentation of the weekend.

We have some exciting things going on this month with two visits by potential future staff members! Russell Baumann and his wife, Emilie, will be visiting us from Iowa on Saturday, 10/6 through Monday, 10/8. Ingrid Lewis and her husband, Tim, will be visiting us from Ohio on Friday, 10/12 through Sunday, 10/14. We so look forward to having Russell and Ingrid come here and enjoying some time with them! Lord willing, one of them will be our next staff member here at St. James. Please continue to pray that God brings the right person to us and our ministry needs.

Plans are underway for our Annual Harvest Dinner! The Dinner takes place on Saturday, November 3rd. This is a great community event for our church. I’ve been told sign up sheets will be available the first Sunday in October. Please sign up where you are able! This dinner takes a lot of volunteers!

I am thankful to see at the time of this writing we have around a dozen kids interested in going to the National Youth Gathering next summer in St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, over July 11-15. Current 8th graders are also eligible to go. Our congregation has always been so very supportive of our youth and I know we will continue to be as fund raising begins to send them. Keep watching bulletin and newsletter announcements for NYG updates and information!

On a personal note... many of you already know I will be having surgery on October 10th to have my left hip replaced. My right hip replacement done last January has been fantastic! I went on two Canoe Expeditions in the Boundary Waters this last summer as well other activities. However, my left hip has been getting increasingly painful. I want to have it done early enough so I will be good-to-go for the busy coming Holiday Season of Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas, and New Years! I will be MIA for two weeks and plan on being back in worship on Sunday, October 28th, with Holy Communion in that service. I will no doubt be preaching from the lectern that Sunday instead of the pulpit, and communion will be offered as a walk-by rather than at the altar rail so I can be more stationary. I am sorry if this inconveniences anyone. But I will very much look forward to being back with you then!

May we all continue to serve our God and His people here at St. James!

God is good!

  ~ Pastor Brooks

Baptisms4 Penelope Sue Mayville (9/16/18)
Killian Caleb Nordlund (9/30/18)
Josephina Martinez (9/30/18)
Graysen Martinez (9/30/18)
Funerals1 Thomas Belt (9/15/18)
Weddings1 Brent Rogers & Chris Schultz (9/8/18)

Good Shepherd Preschool

We are off to a great start to our 2018-2019 school year. We have 15 MWF students and 13 T-Th students. Please keep these young families in your prayers as they begin the first school experience for their children.

Tumblers and Water Bottles with our church or preschool logo!
Check the sign-up board for a photo of the tumblers. All orders are due by October 17th. Please pay at time of order.

Tumblers: 20 oz. ~ $20, 30 oz. ~ $25
Water Bottles: 17 oz. ~ $20, 32 oz. ~ $25

  Blessings ~ Ellen Grimm

Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:30 am, down in the Fellowship Hall!

Jr. Youth

Every Sunday at 9:30 am, in the Blue Room!

Sr. Youth News

Sunday Mornings ~ 9:30 am every Sunday!
We serve breakfast every week.
We have a lesson, talk time, and an activity.
Wednesday Night, 10/24 ~ Senior Youth Group will meet from 6:30-7:30 pm, at the Youth House!
Come and have some fun with us!

Nation Youth Gathering 2019

LCMS 2019 Youth Gathering
Minneapolis - July 11-15, 2019
The Age to participate: Entering into 9th grade summer 2019 through 12th grade.

Adult Bible Study

Sundays at 9:30 in the Library/Conference Room.

Monday Morning Men's Bible Study

Every Monday at 8:30 am.
If you have any questions, please call Bob Stevens at 894-6297.

Pew Sisters

Pew Sisters Bible Study Beginning Thursday, 10/4, at 3:30 pm. We will study 1st & 2nd Samuel! Sign up today so we know how many books to order!

Love Family

Love Family items continue to be gift cards - one came in last month. You may also donate money in your offering, just write on your envelope the amount for Love family. This month we are putting money toward their electric bill. Thank you! If you have questions, please contact Kim DuBois.

St. James 150th Anniversary

St. James Lutheran's 150th Anniversary Celebration is in 2022! Before we know it, this event will be here. We are still looking for names of church members, past and present, that served in the military. Check the poster in the narthex and add anyone we have missed. Thank You!
  Marge Block & Judy Best

His Arms Kenya

I can't thank you enough for your continued support - your prayers, monthly items, and financial gifts have been unbelievable! Thanks to your generosity "His Arms" has also been able to help in other area schools - including water tanks that catch rain water. (This eliminates long walks for a water source.) Can you imagine having to walk for water?
Each month's items are so important as trips in February & June are being planned.

October items are: wash clothes & soap (motel size)
November items are: Tylenol, Advil, and Neosporin
December ~ the 2nd Annual Bake Sale is being planned, possibly Sunday, December 9th!

Thank you to all who are helping to make these life-changing differences at His Arms!
  Kathi Strahl

Quilters Request

The Quilters are collecting school supplies for Lutheran World Relief. They are filling 30 backpacks! They will ship them along with the quilts this October.

Items being collected are:

Quilts are shipping out on 10/18!!

October is Pastor Appreciation Month!

Thank you, Pastor Brooks, for all you do for your sheep!

Christmas Cantata

The 2018 Christmas Cantata is Sunday, December 9th! We will begin Cantata Practice on Tuesday, October 9th, at 7:30 pm!
If you are interested in joining us for the Cantata, please sign up on the bulletin board! Thanks!

Life Line Screening

Life Line a leading provider of community-based preventive health screenings, will offer their affordable, non-invasive and painless health screenings here at St. James Lutheran Church - Montague on 11/12/2018, in the Youth House. Five screenings will be offered that scan for potential health problems related to: blocked arteries which is a leading cause of stroke; abdominal aortic aneurysms which can lead to a ruptured aorta; hardening of the arteries in the legs which is a strong predictor of heart disease; atrial fibrillation or irregular heart beat which is closely tied to stroke risk; and a bone density screening, for men and women, used to assess the risk of osteoporosis. Register for a Wellness Package which includes 4 vascular tests and osteoporosis screening from $149 ($139 with our member discount). All five screenings take 60-90 minutes to complete. In order to register for this event and to receive a $10 discount off any package priced above $129, please call 1-888-653-6441 or visit www.lifelinescreening.com/communitycircle or text the word "circle" to 797979

October Birthdays
10/01Eileen Schroeder10/14Jennifer Mulder
10/01Jacob Buchberger10/14Keith Ramthun
10/01Jarrod Moore10/15Julie Trevino
10/02Noah Ramthun10/15Maya Justian
10/03Judy Best10/16Claire Meacham
10/04Jacob Schumm10/16Joe Goodrich
10/04Jim Morningstar10/16Madelyne Meacham
10/04Randy Wackernagel10/17Betty Ross
10/05Phil Albrecht10/17Diane Babcock
10/06Karen Neubauer10/18Josha Tryska
10/06Laura Anderson10/19Julie Shafer
10/07Allison Lohman10/21Frank Morningstar
10/07Dave Richards10/22Jane Rikkers
10/09Donald Deremiah10/22Jason Cooiper
10/09Michael Ramthun10/22Kit Wackernagel
10/10Kim Luce10/23Lexis Bronson
10/11Marilyn Pierson10/23Marcie Canniff
10/11Michael Fekken10/23Pam Johnston
10/12Larry Halgren10/23Tom Mott
10/12Marcia Chen10/26Al Trevino
10/12Mary Albrecht10/28Piper Huls
10/12Wade Mills10/29Ryan Kroll
10/13Kennedy Seymour10/31Chuck Vanderlaan
10/13Michelle Smith10/31Liz Hedges
10/14Addison Bluhm10/31Lynn Nichols

ELDERSE. Paul SchroederMerle Bernhardt, Jr.
ACOLYTESAlyssa Goodrich
USHERSMartin LaFeverJoel O'Connell
Rex AllenJeff O'Connell
David R. RamthunJerry Gardner
Jim MorningstarJoel Best
ALTAR CAREBetty Ross & Becky Winters
PRAYER PARTNERS7thGreg NeubauerNick DuBois
14thLeif OquistEric Deremiah
21stTodd RachowHenry Friday
28thKeith RamthunArt Jones
GREETERS7thM/M Jim MorningstarDoris Grover
14thM/M Roger SmithM/M Mike Griffith
21stM/M Bob StevensM/M Henry Friday
28thM/M Keith RamthunM/M Merle Bernhardt Jr.
MULTI-MEDIA7thApril LipkaMarek Bernhardt
14thAlicia KoskiEric Deremiah
21stEric LindstromFriday Family
28thJeri WondersJackson VanBergen
COFFEE7thDeeDee Treptow & Kelly Bantien
14thKim Wackernagel & Beth Meacham
21stFaith Mayville & Candy Stevens
28thPam Sikkenga
NURSERY7thSheesley Family
14thBernhardt Family
21stMason Family
28thno one scheduled
ALTAR7thPaul & Eileen Schroeder
FLOWERS14thTom & Karen Mott (44th anniversary)
21stEd & Judy Gilbertson
28thMarsha Ramey

Funeral Families
If we have a funeral, Eileen Schroeder, our Luncheon Coordinator will contact you for help. Each funeral luncheon requires table/chair set up, food donations, food servers (kitchen staff), and table/chair take down. Eileen will let you know what is needed.

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned duty, please make arrangements with someone before or after you on the list. Thanks!