Summer worship hours begin

Sunday, June 3rd

and runs through

Sunday, August 26th.

People of God!

Ah.... Summer in Magnificent West Michigan... We are so very blessed to live here along Michigan's Beautiful West Coast!

But, I digress.


First, as I write this I am remembering the trip with a mob of our High Schoolers to the incredible Ark Encounter and Creation Museum in Kentucky over the weekend of May 18-20. As I had already taken the 8th graders there in April, I wanted to open it to any High School youth who would want to go. All expenses were generously covered through our perpetuating Youth Memorial Account. Twelve youth and chaperones experienced the event. I pray they were all fortified in their faith and, perhaps, challenged as well. They were shown that Genesis 1-11 which includes: The Creation of our world and everything in it in six literal days, the creation of our first parents Adam and Eve, the Fall into sin and the terrible consequences then and ever since, the World Wide Flood and Noah's Ark, Babel and more are historically true events in our world's history. I believe the Genesis record of a young earth of approximately 6,000 years vs. the 4.5 billion years as is taught from grade school on along with the Theory of Evolution. Jesus certainly spoke of the people and events of Genesis 1-11 as real and true. And, actually, He was there at the beginning of Creation and He is the golden thread of all of Scripture beginning in Genesis all the way to the last book of Revelation. As stated in an earlier Newsletter, a Spring trip to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum will be offered to all 8th graders from now on. I invite you, and perhaps challenge some of you, to go visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum to learn and see for yourself. Because if you can't believe God's Word of Genesis 1-11, why should you believe anything else in the Bible? Oh, and be very proud of our fine young people here at St. James! They were well-behaved, attentive, focused, and did great in participating during our debrief session afterwards as we reviewed the study guides they filled out at each site. Thank you to the Chaperones who came with us!

Second, representatives of your Board of Christian Education and Board of Elders have been hard at work selecting and interviewing candidates for our next Called Staff Position here at St. James. We are looking for a Family Life/Director of Christian Education person who is already active someplace in Ministry. Four individuals -- two men and two women -- have been or will be interviewed. Some will be invited for a visit. Lord willing, by September we will have our new Staff Person here and ready to go! Please pray about this -- that the Lord would guide the right person to our congregational family to serve Him and you His wonderful people!

Third, on Sunday, June 3rd in the second service at 10 am we will recognize and honor our 13 graduates here at St. James. They are:
Kelsen Bluhm, Zachary Buchberger, Morgan DeRose, Jeremy Goodrich, Briann Justian, Christian Lipka, Daniel Lipka, Matthew Lipka, Grace Meacham, Skye Miller, Alec Muyskens, Allen Ramthun, & Brooke Sheesley

Fourth, our time with Vicar Paul and his dear Bride, Kati, is winding down. They will be leaving us sometime in July so Paul can resume his ministerial studies at our Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We have been very blessed to have them both with us this last year. Kati has been a very big help teaching 6th Grade Confirmation, working with our Junior High Youth, and managing our Facebook page! I thank you all for the love and support you have shown them. I pray this past year for Vicar Paul has been a good one in his experience, maturity, and growth as a future Pastor in the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

Fifth, several of our Sunday School Students had an incredible PERFECT ATTENDANCE throughout the year! They are: Jack Bailey & Garrett Birkofer (tied for 1st), Brianna Bents 2nd, and Riley Mulder 3rd. WELL DONE! The first places and their families were awarded gift certificates to Double JJ resort … 2nd and 3rd place were awarded movie passes and Subway cards. We also thank our Sunday School Superintendent, Katy Turpin, who is stepping down after serving for the past few years with our Sunday school! Good job!

Sixth, the annual Men's Canoe Expedition commences on Saturday, July 28th with our leaving on the Badger Ferry out of Ludington to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and our long drive north to Ely, Minnesota. We are returning Saturday, August 4th, again on the Badger redeye to Ludington. Twelve hardy lads ranging from age 13 to 61 will embark into the wilderness of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a five night/six day adventure of paddling lakes and streams, portaging trails in the great Northwoods, and surviving by our wits and experience! We hope to enjoy several fresh fish fry dinners! Two groups of six will be out and at some point along our routes we will see each other! As always we pray for good weather and safety!

Seventh, this year's Summer Vacation Bible School, SONROCK KIDS CAMP, will be Sunday, 7/29 through Thursday, 8/2. It runs from 6:00 – 8:30 pm

Lastly... did I mention we are blessed to enjoy incredible Summer's here in Beautiful West Michigan? Deb and I will be enjoying some vacation time with our tribe of five kids and their herd of 13 grandchildren at various times. We will also savor lazy hot days at the beach and gorgeous summer sunsets! I encourage you to get out and enjoy it all! We are so very blessed to live here! Get outside and enjoy some of it!

But don't forget to come to worship on Sundays' when you can to thank and honor our God who gave us it all!

God is good!

  ~ Pastor Brooks

Funerals1 Harold Pierson (5/22/18)
Confirmations9 Henry Bailey (5/6/18)
Kyren Bluhm (5/6/18)
Aidan Buchberger (5/6/18)
Cameren Cooper (5/6/18)
Alyssa Goodrich (5/6/18)
Keira Lindstrom (5/6/18)
Claire Meacham (5/6/18)
Madelyne Meacham (5/6/18)
Alayna Smith (5/6/18)

Dear St. James Family,

From the moment I arrived with Paul last summer I felt completely welcomed, even though I was only his girlfriend at that time. As time has gone by, you have continued to make me feel wanted, appreciated, and loved here. When I think about our engagement and the wonderful shower you threw for us, I am still floored by the generosity you all showed us on that day and every day since. I've loved my time here, not only in West Michigan, but at St. James. I am so blessed for having the opportunity to serve you by helping with the junior youth and the Facebook page. I could not have asked for a better congregation to be a part of. Our time is coming to an end here and while I am really looking forward to returning to my hometown, I will always miss our time here. We've formed lifelong friendships and we're excited to come back up here and visit every once in a while. Paul and I will keep you in our prayers and we ask that you all do the same for us in the coming months as Paul starts his 4th year of seminary and as I settle back into working full time. We will miss you all!
  The Gaschlers

Good Shepherd Preschool

Closing Service
What a beautiful celebration of Jesus’ love through His children! Over 125 people were in attendance for our celebration. 29 Preschool children joined us. These services are a joint effort among many. First and foremost thank you to Kathi Strahl for all her years of love and friendship she shares with these children. What a blessing she is to Good Shepherd and to me! Thanks also to Al Fremer, Lee Strahl, Wyatt Davis, and Bryan Grimm. Your help is truly appreciated!

Open Registration for Fall of 2018
MWF Program for 4-5 yr. olds, 9-11:30 am ~ $140/mo.
T-Th Program for 3-4 yr. olds, 9-11 am ~ $100/mo.

Jesus is the foundation of learning at Good Shepherd Preschool.

Please call 231-744-3408 for additional information.
Have a blessed summer,
  Ellen Grimm

Pew Sisters Bible Study

Haggai/Zechariah/Malachi, every Thursday, at 3:30 pm.

Sr. Youth News

There will be an information meeting early this fall for those interested in attending the Nation Youth Gathering in Minneapolis in 2019!!

If you have a youth that would like to attend, start using Scrip NOW! It is a great way to add money to your kids account.

Midweek News

This summer Wednesday nights from 6:30-8:00 pm we will have a fun and games time for the Midweek age children!

Sunday School News

Our last day of Sunday School was May 20th. We celebrated with the kids and also gave out awards for attendance and memory work.

Congratulation to:
1st Place: Jack Bailey and Garrett Birkofer
(Double JJ gift cards for them and their family)

2nd Place: Brianna Bentz
(movie & Subway gift cards)

3rd Place: Riley Mulder
(movie & Subway gift cards)

We will see you in the Fall on Rally Day!! Have a great summer... see you in church!

Love Family

Over the summer months remember the Love Family with gift cards for gas stations, Montague Foods, or even restaurants! Also if you mark your envelope with a money amount; we can use it toward their bills.
Thank you!


If you have a church project or noticed something that needs attention, please share this with Terri and she will place it on the "to do list".

LCMS Synod News Digest and Message from President Harrison

Did you know that every month, our Synod President sends out a video message to each of us? It includes a monthly update featuring useful news and information about ministries and resources in our LCMS. You can subscribe for this (free) email by signing up at and searching for Life Together News Digest.

A Matter of Balance

Managing concerns about falls...

White Lake Area Community Education is offering a four week workshop for persons with concerns about falls.

Wednesdays and Fridays
June 6th – June 29th, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

White Lake Community Center
541 E. Slocum St., Whitehall
Call to register: 893-0515

This workshop is FREE for adults who are 60 & older!

More sessions will be available in August & September.

Funding for this program provided by Senior Resources and the Muskegon County Senior Mileage.

His Arms ~ Kenya

Thank You – Thank You – Thank You!

The generous response to the monthly items donated has been AWESONE!! This summers items include:

JuneSeed Packets (carrots, tomatoes, peas, cabbage)
Ziploc bags (any size)
Snack size ziplocs
Powdered Pedialyte
AugustBack packs (doesn’t need to be fancy but needs to have a zipper)

We ask for your continued support through prayer and donations as Nancy Rowe and her family head to Kenya once again June 22nd! Prayers for their safety and mission as they reach out in God’s love to these children.   Kathi Strahl

Life Walk

Life Walk for Muskegon Pregnancy is taking place Saturday, June 16th at the LC Walker Arena. Registration is at 9:45 am. The Walk begins at 10:00 am. For more information call 726-2677

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th. We will celebrate Dads & Grandpas at church. Bring your dad to church!

Independence Day

Celebrate America’s Independence Day, Wednesday, July 4th, 2018
Happy Birthday America! Let freedom ring!

Men's Canoe Trip

July 28th – August 4th

Vacation Bible School

VBS will be Monday, July 23 - Friday, July 27, from, 5:45 - 8:30 pm.

Ages: preschool through 5th grade.

The theme is SonRock Kids Camp!

I will need TONS of helpers.

School age children in 7th & 8th grade and older are more then welcome to help as assistants!

If anyone has artificial trees/plants that VBS could have or borrow please let me know.

  Sarah Bernhardt

Area Church News

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church Invites You...
After 39 years of ministry, Rev. Robert J. Conradt is retiring on June 30, 2018. Our Redeemer invites you to attend Pastor Conradt's last Sunday service with us on June 24th, at 10 am. Immediately following the service, a luncheon in his honor will be served in the Fellowship Hall. Please RSVP to the church office (231-773-2667) for the luncheon no later than Monday, June 11. We hope you can attend, and we look forward to sharing this occasion with everyone.

St. James Worship Services Now Online

If you're not able to attend a service, you can watch online at Search for St. James Lutheran Church Montague, then click on 'videos'. (Now this is not meant to be an option in lieu of coming to church if you're able.) We want to see you! "And let us consider how to stir up one another to love and good works, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near." Hebrews 10:24-25).

For many years, we have been providing DVDs of the Sunday morning service to our shut ins. For the past several years the service has been recorded by my family members. We have now expanded our capabilities to include not only recording and producing DVD’s but also broadcasting the service to screens in both the lounge and nursery and live streaming the service online at But we need your help. If we are unable to attend Sunday morning, no broadcasting or recording of the service takes place. So, we are looking for a few volunteers to help with operating the cameras at both first and second services. No experience necessary, we will train. If you are interested and would like more information, please contact me, Keith Ramthun at 894-6044 or call the church office at 894-8471.

June Birthdays
06/02Aidan Buchberger06/17Betty Hager
06/02Harper Seymour06/18Jase Lohman
06/03Char Dean06/19Brianna Bentz
06/03Joel Best06/19Hannah Jandt
06/04Roger Smith06/20Curtis Neubauer
06/05Royce Kroll06/20Paul Schultz
06/06Bob Stevens06/22Jacob Hayes
06/06Judith Turk06/22Olive Oquist
06/07Emily Luce06/23Adam Bluhm
06/08Lynn Pastras06/23Courtney Friday
06/08Riley Mulder06/24Addison Eilers
06/09Bobby Wackernagel06/25April Lipka
06/09David R. Ramthun06/25Kendall Rachow
06/10Alyssa Goodrich06/26Carrie Sherrell
06/11June Buchberger06/26Jared Justian
06/11Leiv Deremiah06/27Amy Urban
06/14Bryce Raeth06/28Karissa Tryska
06/14David Campbell06/29Jesse Campbell
06/14Stacy O'Connell06/30Christian Zuniga
06/15Tim Sheilds

July Birthdays
07/01June Halgren07/16Vicki Vanderlaan
07/01Melinda O'Connell07/17Elizabeth Birkhofer
07/03Odin Oquist07/17Genevieve Kroll
07/04America!07/18Henry Schultz
07/05Carol Towne07/18Sue Streblow
07/05Jeremy Turpin07/19Loryn Blink
07/06Bob Dean07/19Zach Buchberger
07/06Cameren Cooper07/21Delaney Hopma
07/06Carl Timmich07/21Henry Friday
07/06Carol Crevier07/21Teddy Huls
07/07Briann Justian07/21Wayne Hughes
07/07Lauren Caris07/22Corbin Schumm
07/07Michael Moschke07/24Alex Goodrich
07/10Brent Rogers07/25Gerry Hissong
07/10Leif Oquist07/25Kristy Walsworth
07/10Wolfgang Koenig07/25Peyton Schultz
07/11Charlotte Rice07/25Randy Zeller
07/11Evangeline Campbell07/27Henry Bailey
07/11Marilee Bailey07/27Jack Bailey
07/11Mark Ramthun07/27Julie Grow
07/12Tara Sikkenga07/27Olivia Johnston
07/13Angela Bluhm07/28Grady Schmidt
07/13Nikki Seymour07/29Alaynah Smith
07/13Ty Aguirre07/30Rhianna Sheesley
07/15Eric Vanderlaan

August Birthdays
08/01Melissa Kearis08/16Pam Kroll
08/01Mike Griffith08/17Adrianna Johnson
08/03Beth Meacham08/17Cashton Chamberlain
08/03Ruth Ann Francis08/17Rusty Streblow
08/04Art Jones08/18Drew DeRose
08/05Sarah Justian08/18Lee Strahl
08/05Shelby Friday08/19Faith Mayville
08/06Michael Shannon08/20Amber Mayville
08/06Oliver Bantien08/20Linda Hawkins
08/06Ryan Bluhm08/20Steve Stout
08/07Keira Lindstrom08/20Virginia Roesler
08/07Lolita Silvis08/21Rich Canniff
08/08Gloria Alvarez08/22Bonnie Ingersoll
08/08Grace Meacham08/22Julia Hasenbank
08/08Mary Ann McPheron08/24Brooke Sheesley
08/08Matthew Hedges08/24Janet Gifford
08/09Bethany Hayes08/25Vicki Schultz
08/09Martin LaFever08/26Evelyn DeLong
08/10Becky Winters08/26Kelsen Bluhm
08/11Cathy Hissong08/26Rich Kessler Jr.
08/11Kelly Bantien08/28Angie Wigren
08/12Dale McKenzie08/28Deb Brooks
08/12George Fulljames08/28Tara Eilers
08/12Ruschel Friday08/30Dylan Hopma
08/13Judy Landis08/30Natalie Jahnke
08/14Ron Barrs08/30Tracy Sheesley
08/16Elizabeth Shannon08/31Maggie Huls
08/16Eloise Baxter

ELDERSGreg NeubauerRusty Streblow
TRUSTEESRick StegengaBecky Winters
USHERSRon BarrsMerle Bernhardt Jr.
Bob StevensJim Campbell
Louie MayvilleDave Campbell
Alan Mayville
ALTAR CAREMarilyn Person & Sue Griffith
PRAYER PARTNERS5thJim EastmanNick DuBois
12thRick GiffordJason Rice
19thChris HasenbankRusty Streblow
26thGreg NeubauerBill Van Frank
GREETERS5thM/M Jerry GardnerM/M Jared Justian
12thM/M Roger BuchbergerM/M Al Trevino
19thM/M Tim RossM/M Jim Campbell
26thM/M Scott MillerM/M Bill Van Frank
MULTI-MEDIA5thZach BuchbergerEric Lindstrom
12thAlicia KoskiJackson VanBergen
19thApril LipkaFriday Family
26thEric LindstromEric Deremiah
COFFEE5thKittridge Family
12thSandy Veltman & Tara Sikkengs
19thDoris Grover & Gloria Alvarez
26thFrank & Sandi Morningstr
NURSERYNo one assigned for the summer.
FLOWERS5thMichael & Rebecca Jolly – 3 yrs
12thGriffith/DuBois, Albrechtsen’s – 50 yrs.
19thRex & Pat Allen
26thRoger & June Buchberger - 60 yrs.

Funeral Families
If we have a funeral, Eileen Schroeder, our Luncheon Coordinator will contact you for help. Each funeral luncheon requires table/chair set up, food donations, food servers (kitchen staff), and table/chair take down. Eileen will let you know what is needed.

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned duty, please make arrangements with someone before or after you on the list. Thanks!