Our Summer Service Hours begin Sunday June 6th!

First Service ~ 8:00 am
Second Service ~ 10:00 am

There will only be ONE service on the 2nd Sunday of each month
and it will be outdoors at 10:00 am!

Outdoor Sundays are:
June 13th
July 11th
August 8th

Don’t forget to bring a lawn chair!

People of God!

We are entering our Summer Months of June, July, and August here in Magnificent West Michigan! How very blessed we are to live here and be able to enjoy the water, beaches, parks, golf courses, and more!

Our Sunday Summer Worship Schedule will go to 8:00 am and 10:00 am, beginning on Sunday, 6/6, through Sunday, 8/29. We are doing something new this year with our Sunday Summer Worship -- every 2nd Sunday of the month will be outdoor worship with one service only at 10:00 am (weather permitting). So bring your lawn chairs and enjoy our outdoor worship and share in a meal afterwards!

Speaking of Sunday, 6/6 ... that is the Sunday we will recognize and honor our 2021 High School Graduates in the second service! They are: Marek Bernhardt, Addison Bluhm, David Campbell, Drew DeRose, Olivia Johnston, Alaina McCormick, Megan Rachow, and Madeline Turpin. What a great bunch of young people and we are very proud of them!

We will be celebrating our Dads on FATHERS DAY, Sunday, 6/20! We honor our dads and their never ending devotion and love for family!

The Annual Men's Canoe Expedition the Boundary Waters will be earlier this Summer -- we are leaving on Saturday, 6/26, and we will return on Saturday, 7/3. Just in time for the Holiday Weekend!

I am taking the week of July 4th off. Pastor Lahrman will be our guest Pastor on Sunday, 7/4. Deb and I will be hosting part of our grandkid herd that week from three families. We have many beach days and outings planned! (Not to mention ice cream outings to DQ or House of Flavors in Ludington!).

My second personal Canoe Trip to the Boundary Waters with my friend Wes will be the week of 7/17 through 7/24. Pastor Cate will be conducting worship for us on Sunday, 7/18.

Don’t forget to sign your kids up for our VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL, scheduled to begin Sunday, 7/25, through Thursday, 7/29. The meet at 5:15 pm each day!

In August Deb and I have another family week planned from 8/9 – 8/15, when we will again be hosting part of the grandchildren herd from two families! While I hold the fort at home Deb will be taking a long weekend for a Sibling reunion in Door County, WI, at the end of August. That is a great time for her to connect with her 7 living brothers and sisters.

I hope YOU will get out this Summer and enjoy everything our Beautiful West Michigan has to offer! I will look forward to worshipping with you on the many Sunday's I am here!
God is good!

  ~ Pastor Brooks

Baptisms 1 Emerson John Arnson (4/11/21)
Confirmations 8 Jack Bailey, Brianna Bentz, Delaney Hopman, Riley Mulder,
Kendall Rachow, Paige Ramthun, Isaiah Towne, & Reese Tryska
Weddings 0
Funerals 2 Patrick Courneya (4/23/21)
Donna Schneider (5/15/21)

Graduation Sunday June 6th!

We will be celebrating our 2021 High School Grads on Sunday, 6/6, in our 2nd service at 10:00am.

May they be blessed in the next chapter of their journey! Please keep the following in your prayers...

Marek Bernhardt
Addison Bluhm
David Campbell
Drew DeRose
Olivia Johnston
Alaina McCormick
Megan Rachow
Madeline Turpin

Congratulations to you!!

I want to share with you what I have been reflecting on lately. Something that I want to reflect on all summer long. It comes from Hosea 11.

“When Israel was a child, I loved him, and out of Egypt I called my son. The more they were called, the more they went away; they kept sacrificing to the Baals and burning offerings to idols. Yet it was I who taught Ephraim to walk; I took them up by their arms, but they did not know that I healed them. I led them with cords of kindness, with the bands of love, and I became to them as one who eases the yoke on their jaws, and I bent down to them and fed them.”

God cared deeply for His people, the Israelites. He delivered them from their pain, their slavery, their hopelessness. He gave them everything they could ever need and yet, the Israelites turned away from Him. But that doesn’t stop God from caring. He showed them love and kindness even though they didn’t deserve it. He lifted their burdens without them knowing. God does that for you and I as well. He takes care of us in ways we can’t even imagine. He loves us and provides for us even when we turn away.
This summer is going to be AMAZING! Emilie and I are excited to share that baby Baumann is coming in November!! We are really exciting to be entering this stage of life. Sometime in July or August we will be doing a gender reveal. This will be a nice little celebration with cake that everyone will be invited to. Emilie is doing well. Baby is healthy and growing. Please keep us in your prayers as we figure life out.
The summer schedule is listed below. You are going to want to mark your calendar for these. Times are tentative to change. So please watch the bulletin for the most up-to-date schedule. This youth schedule is geared for youth who are 6th grade or older.
13th - Defy (Trampoline Park) - $10/person (Leave church by 12:00)
18th - POTENTIAL Lock-in (7:00 pm – 7:00 am)
23rd - Pool Day Keith Ramthun (5:00 – 7:00 pm)
27th - Disc Golf/Cookoff (2:00 – 5:00 pm)

10th - Lake clean up day/Lake day
14th - Pool day
18th - Lake day (Jumping off the pier!)
25th – 29th VBS (5:15 pm)
28th - Fun day for Junior/Senior High during the day (maybe lazy river/kayaking)

9th - 12th - Party at the Park
13th – Lock-in (If we don't do it in June)
15th - Lake Day
18th - Pool Day
22nd - Youth Group

On top of the youth schedule, be on the lookout for our young family events, blood drives, devotions, evening campfires, family devotions, outdoor worship, lunches, and big work projects.

We definitely want to share the love of Christ with our time, gifts, and talents. This summer is the perfect time to jump right in!

If you ever want to grab a cup of coffee, work on some side projects, or just want to get to know each other, please reach out. I would love to talk, play guitar, or play some ping pong.

Remember that you are loved by Christ and that it is all for His glory.

In Christ,
  Russell Baumann

Covid Updates

The CDC has stated that those who have been fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks or social distance. Those who have not received the vaccination should continue to wear a mask and social distance. The church council discussed this past week what this means for St. James.

Beginning today, May 23rd, individuals will now have the option of whether they want to wear a mask or not (at both services). We are asking that the right side of the pews remained distanced (using every other pew).

We are asking that our congregation members remain patient with each other and care for each other in the best ways possible. Some may not be ready to return to worship while others are ready to remove the mask. Continue to encourage each other, building each other up in prayer and petitions.

If you are feeling ill or exhibiting any symptoms of covid, we ask that you worship with us online.

Summer Meeting/Study Schedules


Register Today for Fall 2021!
M-W-F Class 9:00-11:30
T-Th Class 9:00-11:00

Jesus is the foundation of learning at Good Shepherd Preschool. For more information please call Ellen Grimm at 231-730-1726.

Our Closing Service was a beautiful celebration of our school year. Many attended as we sat outside to celebrate a great year of learning and laughing. Many thanks to Russell Baumann, Al Fremer, Alan Mayville, Faith Mayville, and Mrs. Strahl for making it a success. Your willing spirit is a blessing.

Prayers as Mrs. Strahl begins her retirement. You will be greatly missed.

Have a great summer!
  Blessings ~ Ellen Grimm

Love Family/Shut-In News

We have been ordering monthly meals for our shut-ins from different local restaurants! It is going over very well! If you would like to donate towards it, just write the amount on your offering envelope! Also, if you would like to help deliver a meal, call or text Kim @ 730-0735. Thanks!

The 150th Anniversary Committee

The 150th Committee will break for the summer and pick back up again in September.

...However, our LOGO contest is still underway!

The slogan... “Faith of Generations”, was selected and we are looking for a logo to go along with slogan.

Entries may be submitted to the Church office. In September they will be displayed and voted on, and the winner will be announced after the Committee’s meeting that month. The lucky winner of the logo contest will receive a $250 gift card. So…get those ideas submitted!

We will continue with the freewill offering on the 1st Sunday of each month. All donation will go toward the 150th Anniversary Celebration!

Faher's Day

Come Celebrate our Dads on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 20th!
You are the unsung hero, the firm foundation on which your family is built! ...thanks Dad!

Canoe Trip

The Men’s Canoe Trip is Saturday, June 26th through Saturday, July 3rd. Paddling this year: Pastor Brooks, Henry Friday, Eric Lindstrom, Gary Mason, Casey Seymour, and Tim Ross

Independence Day

We Celebrate our nation’s independence on Sunday, July 4th! We give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy... In God We Trust!

Two by Two ~ VBS 2021

Sign up TODAY for Vacation Bible School July 25th- 29th, 5:15pm – 8:30pm 3 year olds – 5th graders (just completed) Call the office or visit our Facebook Page.

Third Coast Trombone Retreat

St. James is hosting a Trombone Camp here at church!
They will (tentatively) be using our facilities from Monday, August 16th through Sunday, August 22nd. They are currently trying to work out host families for their adult camp students. Can You Help? Would you be interested in hosting one of these students? Host families are asked to provide a bed and breakfast for the week. If anyone has questions or is interested in hosting, please call the church office.

Disability Income Insurance Awareness Month

Your income helps you support your family and reach future goals. It makes sense to protect it. We’ve all experienced how unexpected twists in life can change our plans. A sudden disability can be a challenging and emotional time for a family. It’s easy to understand why being able to work is so valued. It allows you to take care of your family, work toward your goals, and impacts your lifestyle. Being able to earn a living is something you don’t take for granted. That’s why protecting it with Thrivent Disability Income Insurance makes sense. It provides you with income should you ever become unable to work in the future. Here’s how:
To learn more about Thrivent Disability Income Insurance, contact your Thrivent Financial Professionals, Marci Bentz and Tony DeNicolo in Whitehall at 231.894.8886 or whitehalloffice@thrivent.com.

Physician Assistant Program

Dear Congregation,
My name is Elena Holley and I am representing the new Physician Assistant program at Concordia University Ann Arbor.

Our first cohort of 32 students came from all over the country to the Ann Arbor area to pursue their graduate education beginning in January 2021. Starting in May 2022, our students will transition from book learning to 12 months of hands-on education as they are sent out to clinical sites.

Because of this, we are searching for affordable housing opportunities near clinical sites located across the state of Michigan and other parts of the country. If any of you have a spare bedroom, an empty apartment, or a vacation home, please prayerfully consider offering it to a graduate student in need during their clinical studies.

If you are interested in adding your name to the housing list or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me! You may email me at elena.holley@cuaa.edu or call me at 734-995-4826.

Thank you and God bless,

Elena Holley
Administrative Assistant
Concordia University Physician Assistant Program
3475 Plymouth Rd
Ann Arbor, MI 48105

PLEASE NOTE: The ARC-PA has granted Accreditation-Provisional status to the Concordia University Ann Arbor Physician Assistant Program sponsored by Concordia University Ann Arbor. Accreditation-Provisional is an accreditation status granted when the plans and resource allocation, if fully implemented as planned, of a proposed program that has not yet enrolled students appear to demonstrate the program’s ability to meet the ARC-PA Standards or when a program holding Accreditation Provisional status appears to demonstrate continued progress in complying with the Standards as it prepares for the graduation of the first class (cohort) of students. Accreditation-Provisional does not ensure any subsequent accreditation status. It is limited to no more than five years from matriculation of the first class. The program’s accreditation history can be viewed on the ARC-PA website at: http://www.arc-pa.org/accreditation-history-concordia-university-ann-arbor/

Online Service Directions!

How to watch our services online step by step: on Facebook Live on Sundays at 8:15 am (and 6:30pm on Wednesdays during Advent)
  1. In the top search bar... Go to https://www.facebook.com/stjamesmontague/
    (You do not need to have a Facebook account page to access this)
  2. Close the popup box asking to login to your Facebook account.
  3. Scroll down through the Facebook page until you come across the most recent videos
  4. Click on the Live video of the church service.
  5. Explore the rest of the Facebook page and watch other videos. 😊

June Birthdays
06/02Aidan Buchberger06/14Stacy O'Connell
06/02Harper Seymour06/17Betty Hager
06/03Char Dean06/18Jase Lohman
06/03Joel Best06/19Brianna Bentz
06/04Roger Smith06/19Hannah Jandt
06/05Royce Kroll06/20Karissa Tryska
06/06Bob Stevens06/20Paul Schultz
06/07Emily Luce06/22Jacob Hayes
06/07Robin Owens06/22Olive Oquist
06/08Lynn Pastras06/23Adam Bluhm
06/08Riley Mulder06/23Courtney Friday
06/09Bob Wackernagel06/25April Lipka
06/09Dave Ramthun06/25Isaiah Towne
06/10Alyssa Goodrich06/25Kendall Rachow
06/11Adam Ramthun06/26Carrie Strahl
06/11June Buchberger06/26Jared Justian
06/11Leiv Deremiah06/27Amy Urban
06/14Adalynn Dean06/28Gail Treptow Crane
06/14Bryce Raeth06/29Jesse Campbell
06/14David Campbell

July Birthdays
07/01June Halgren07/16Vicki Vanderlaan
07/01Melinda O'Connell07/17Elizabeth Birkhofer
07/03Odin Oquist07/17Genevieve Kroll
07/05Carol Towne07/17Kyle Stevenson
07/05Jeremy Turpin07/18Henry Schultz
07/06Bob Dean07/18Sue Streblow
07/06Cameren Cooper07/19Zach Buchberger
07/06Carl Timmich07/21Delaney Hopma
07/06Carol Creiver07/21Henry Friday
07/07Briann Justian07/21Teddy Huls
07/07Lauren Caris07/21Wayne Hughes
07/07Michael Moschke07/22Corbin Schumm
07/10Brent Rogers07/24Alex Goodrich
07/10Leif Oquist07/25Gerry Hissong
07/10Woldgang Koenig07/25Peyton Schultz
07/11Charlotte Rice07/25Randy Zeller
07/11Lillian Stevenson07/27Henry Bailey
07/11Marilee Bailey07/27Jack Bailey
07/11Mark Ramthun07/27Julie Grow
07/12Tara Sikkenga07/27Olivia Johnston
07/13Angie Bluhm07/28Grady Schmidt
07/13Nikki Seymour07/29Alaynah Smith
07/13Ty Aguirre07/30Rhianna Sheesley
07/15Eric Vanderlaan07/31Marsha Schlager

August Birthdays
08/01Mike Griffith08/16Elizabeth Shannon
08/02Tim Hanson08/16Eloise Baxter
08/03Beth Meacham08/16Pam Kroll
08/03Ruth Ann Francis08/17Cashton Chamberlain
08/04Art Jones08/17Rusty Streblow
08/05Sarah Justian08/18Drew DeRose
08/05Shelby Friday08/18Killian Nordlund
08/06Oliver Bantien08/18Lee Strahl
08/06Ryan Bluhm08/19Faith Mayville
08/07Keira Lindstrom08/20Amber Mayville
08/07Lolita Silvis08/21Rich Canniff
08/08Gloria Alvarez08/22Bonnie Ingersoll
08/08Grace Meacham08/22Julia Hasenbank
08/08Mary Ann McPheron08/24Brooke Sheesley
08/08Matthew Hedges08/24Penelope Mayville
08/08Patti Engelter08/25Vicki Schultz
08/09Ben Stevenson08/26Evelyn DeLong
08/09Bethany Hayes08/26Kelsen Bluhm
08/09Martin LaFever08/26Rich Kessler Jr.
08/10Becky Winters08/26Willa Mills
08/11Cathy Hissong08/28Angie Wigren
08/11Kelly Bantien08/28Deb Brooks
08/12Dale McKenzie08/30Dylan Hopma
08/12Ruschel Friday08/30Tracy Sheesley
08/14Ron Barrs08/31Maggie Huls

ELDERSBob WackernagelBrian Bentz
TRUSTEESRon BaileyJoe Goodrich
USHERSGeorge LohmanBrad VanBergen
Paul SchroederJackson VanBergen
ALTAR CAREJillian Eppard
PRAYER PARTNERS6thRon BaileyRusty Streblow
13thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
20thRick GiffordJarrod Moore
27thPastor Cate will be with us today
We are asking for Greeter volunteers for each service, to stand behind the bulletin table and greet people as they come in. Sign up on the Bulletin Board!
13thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
MULTI-MEDIA6thAlicia KoskiEric Lindstrom
13thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
20thEric LindstromFriday Family
27thJeri WondersLizbeth Bentz
13thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
NURSERYThe nursery is available but not staffed.
ALTAR FLOWERS6thTom & Tina Timmich ~ 33rd Anniversary

ELDERSKeith RamthunJeff Boulet
TRUSTEES Leif OquistJason Cooper
ACOLYTESRiley MulderReese Tryska
USHERSJames MorningstarArt Jones
Frank MorningstarJason Rice
ALTAR CAREPat Smith & Susanna Albrechtsen
PRAYER PARTNERS4thPastor Lahrman will be with us today.
11thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
18thPastor Cate will be with us today
25thLeif OquistJeff Boulet
We are asking for Greeter volunteers for each service, to stand behind the bulletin table and greet people as they come in. Sign up on the Bulletin Board!
11thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
MULTI-MEDIA4thApril LipkaEric Deremiah
11thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
18thAlicia Koski Eric Lindstrom
25thEric LindstromFriday Family
13thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
NURSERYThe nursery is available but not staffed.
ALTAR FLOWERS4thLisa Siedenstrang

ELDERSBob WackernagelMerle Bernhardt
TRUSTEESJames Morningstar Christian Mason
ACOLYTESJack BaileyReese Tryska
USHERSJake WackernagelGary Mason
Sam WackernagelChristian Mason
ALTAR CARESue Griffith & Marsha Schlager
PRAYER PARTNERS1stJordan LohmanTodd Tryska
8thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
15thPastor Cate will be with us today
22ndAlan MayvilleRob Purty
29thLouie MayvilleChris Hasenbank
We are asking for Greeter volunteers for each service, to stand behind the bulletin table and greet people as they come in. Sign up on the Bulletin Board!
11thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
MULTI-MEDIA1stJeri WondersLizbeth Bentz
8thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
15thApril LipkaEric Deremiah
22ndAlicia Koski Eric Lindstrom
29thEric LindstromFriday Family
8thOutdoor Worship Service at 10am
NURSERYThe nursery is available but not staffed.
ALTAR FLOWERS1stLisa Siedenstrang
8thMeacham Family
15ndRex & Pat Allen


Just a reminder to Elders, Trustees, Acolytes, and Ushers... 1st service group is also responsible for the odd dated Lenten services. 2nd service group is responsible for the even dated Lenten services.
Thank you for serving!!

Funeral Families
If we have a funeral, Eileen Schroeder, our Luncheon Coordinator will contact you for help. Each funeral luncheon requires table/chair set up, food donations, food servers (kitchen staff), and table/chair take down. Eileen will let you know what is needed.

If you are unable to fulfill your assigned duty, please make arrangements with someone before or after you on the list. Thanks!