Sunday School

Fall is here! I'm excited for all the new things that bring for our church, school, weather and back to routines again! If you have kids, you know! I have been invited into the role of Sunday School Superintendent and I am honored to fill the shoes of some amazing women from past years. I plan to bring some fresh changes, but also hold on to the important traditions that make our kids feel at home here. We have some great leaders this year and I'm eager to guide them through a great program.

Along with some physical changes downstairs (painting and decorating), I also have worked to create an organized and efficient schedule that will work to empower teachers and let their creative skills thrive. A big goal for us this year is to broaden the curriculum to include the whole story of the Bible. We want our kids to learn Old Testament stories, New Testament gospel and the inspiring life of Jesus. It all comes back to Jesus and we want them to celebrate that! Another goal is to implement community projects, a dedicated plan for offering and activities that will help equip the kids with Christian life skills and values to help them in this ever changing world.

We have some fresh changes, but it will still be the SJLC Sunday School we all know and love. I am eager to share my skill sets with the church that has embraced our family and guided me to strengthen my faith over the years we have been here.

A few business items:

Thank you for trusting us with your kid's minds and hearts! We'll see you soon!

   Amber Lanning