Grace, mercy and peace to you from God our Father and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Summer is here! West Michigan is gorgeous. It’s easy to get lost in the summer days: enjoying time outside, going to the parks, playing in rivers, jumping in the lake, grilling out, picking blueberries, all the festivals, and listening to live music.

Millie has been asking about the splash pad, feeding goats, Michigan Adventures, and going to the lake for months and now I can finally say, YES! Let’s go!

This summer will be so much different than any other year simply because Millie will be seeing and experiencing things for the very first time. It really is an incredible perspective. She has this hunger to explore. That coupled with her ability to connect with anyone is a winning formula. The summer is going to be fun.

My goal as a dad is definitely to get my children outside. I want them to be able to just crash by the end of the day because it was chalked full of fun.

Even more importantly, I want them to know that it’s Jesus who has blessed us with all these amazing gifts and opportunities. I want my children to know that all good things come from the Father. I want to instill in my children that Jesus cares about them so much.

My job as a dad is to make sure my children get into the Word this summer, reading the Bible every day with them at nap times, bed times, and story times. I will continue to pray with them, bring them to church, and sing songs about the love of Jesus. I will also explore the forests, swim in the lake, and visit Lewis Farms weekly. It has to be both.

I hope to encourage you all to stay in the Word, do family devotions, pray with your children. Enjoy all of what West Michigan offers, but remember in the end what really matters is faith in Jesus Christ.

Some dates to mark in your calendar for this summer. (For the most up to date information, please refer to the weekly bulletin or facebook page as things may change throughout the summer)

Things to look out for in the bulletin...
Finally... Ministry Fair is on September 8th. I am going to be connecting with a various ministry leaders throughout the summer to start planning for the fall! If you are interested in organizing a table or think, would this qualify for a table, connect with me.

Have a blessed summer!

In Christ,
  Russell Baumann ~ Family Life Director
  John 3:30