Grace, mercy, and peace to you all from God our Father and our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

This past month, our youth were able to attend Grace Adventures for their annual confirmation retreat. This retreat provides opportunities for youth to connect and grow together all the while learning about the church’s history. This is an incredible event, and it was fun. Thank you to everyone who helped or was a part of this event.

Oct. 8th - Final Celebration for our Anniversary
Oct. 16th - Lewis Farms
Oct. 20th - Medicare Informational Class
Oct. 20th - Tentative Will class
Oct. 23rd - Youth Night
Oct. 29th - Trunk or Treat

We are doing Sunday morning breakfast again for the Junior and Senior High Youth. Sign up if you would like to feed some kiddos.

We will be going to Lewis Farms on Sunday, 16th. Cost per person is $10. Lakeshore Fellowship youth will be joining us!!

Trunk or treat needs lots of trunks. We are looking for at least 25 trunks. We will be serving food, having games, and providing devotionals for kids that come through.

We are having another Medicare class this month. Since the laws are always changing, come check out this free seminar to learn about how you can apply for the best coverage this coming up year.

A tentative Will class is set in motion. This class will give you the resources needed to help you figure out what is the best course of action when preparing a will. Check the weekly bulletin for the most up to date information for this class.

God Bless,
  Russell Baumann