17Sunday8:00/10:00 amWorship Services
Vicar at St. Matthews today
19Tuesday9:00 amQuilters
21Thursday3:30 pmPew Sisters Study

Special Voters Meeting
There will be a special Congregational Voters Meeting on Wednesday, June 27th, at 6:30 pm.

The Call Committee Team has been working tirelessly to find the right fit for St. James, for the position of Family Life Ministry. We sent a job description to The Michigan District and they gave us a list of 12 possibilities already in the field. After many phone calls and emails, the Call Committee interviewed four people and then narrowed it down to two candidates. We hosted both candidates here last week. A Committee Meeting was held last Thursday and they voted unanimously on one of the candidates. At this point we need voter approval to move forward and extend a call.

As this is a special Voters Meeting, we will only be discussing this possible staff position. Any other church related items will be discussed at the scheduled Voters Meeting in September.

On Sunday, June 24th, at each service, a member of the Call Committee Team will address the congregation and will include a snippet from the interview.

Happy Father's Day!
Happy Father's Day to all of our Dads & Grandpas with us this morning! We honor you today... thanks for all you do!!

Happy Birthday
Happy 90th Birthday to Betty Hager! May God bless you always!!

Vacation Bible School ~ Please note date/time change!!!!
VBS will be Monday, July 23rd - Friday, July 27th, from, 5:45 - 8:30 pm.
Ages: preschool through 5th grade.

The theme is SonRock Kids Camp!

I will need TONS of helpers. School age children in 7th & 8th grade and older are more than welcome to help as assistants!

If anyone has artificial trees/plants that VBS could have or borrow please let me know.
  Sarah Bernhardt

Thank You for Being My Dad ~ The Story Behind the Song

Jon Barker lives in England and wrote the lyrics and music to this song.

On December 20th of 2005 Jon's Father was gravely ill and in a hospital. It was touch and go if his father would make it to Christmas.

On the 13th of January 2006 Jon's dad sent him a letter that had the air of finality about it. Jon could see the effort his father put into holding the pen to write it. In the simple page of lined hospital notepaper, his dad wrote of how much he thought of Jon's music and how he wanted the world to hear it. His dad said: "If the world doesn't, it will be the World's loss." That letter is now framed and proudly hangs in Jon's office. Jon said he found himself at the piano in the middle of the night writing the simplistic yet heartfelt, THANK YOU FOR BEING MY DAD. It was a very painful song to write and yet in his mind the task had to be completed that night. Many feel this song should now be considered one of the top 10 Songs about a Father. Jon went on to say when it comes to the simple act of telling your Father how you feel about him, it must be said before it is too late.

Jr. Youth Lock In!
Sign up TODAY for the Jr. Youth Lock-in set for Saturday, 6/30! Watch next weeks bulletin for details and time!

Don't Forget His Arms
Items for this month are: Seed packets & Ziploc bags!

Electronic Communications
We are still looking for email addresses from YOU! We created an email form that covers your whole family. If you have not turned one in, please fill out the form included in this bulletin. There are extra forms on the ushers table. You can drop the completed form in the offering plate or in the box by the office door. This is an important "next step" in an effort to keep our congregation better informed.

Historical Committee
Historical Committee is looking for the names of all our members who served in the military throughout St. James history. Please contact Marge Block (894-6226) or Judy Best (894-9459). Thank you!

Steak Fry & Youth Auction
Lebanon Lutheran Church is hosting this event on Tuesday, 6/19 from 5:00-6:30 pm. Proceeds will benefit the playground program and backpacks! Ticket cost is $13.

Life Line Screening
will be at Christ The Rock on Thursday, June 28, 2018 offering safe, painless, non-invasive preventive health screenings that are typically not a part of a routine physical. To be more proactive about your health and to live longer for yourself, your family and your community, please register for these potentially life-saving tests today. Please refer to the attached flyer to get more info about how you can sign up while receiving $10 off any package priced above $129. For only $139 (regularly $149) you can learn your risk of having stroke or vascular disease. visit or call toll-free 866-229-0469 or text the word circle to 797979 There is no time like the present to take action!

Estate Planning
A Christian Estate Planning Seminar will be held at Our Redeemer (1215 E. Apple Ave, Muskegon) on Sunday, 7/22, following the 10AM worship service. Come hear Bill Burmeister from Church Extension Fund present a 1-hour overview of writing wills & trusts, giving charitable gifts, questions attorneys will ask, and some mistakes to avoid. There is no cost to attend. Lunch will be provided. Please RSVP to the church office (231-773-2667) by Monday, July 16th.

Creation Museum Trip
St. Mark Lutheran Church has scheduled a bus trip to the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter for September 17th -18th. We will have some seats open for other friends and family. Final cost will be appx. $300/person, OR LESS, depending on filling the bus. This includes the bus cost, hotel room, & entrance to both locations. A $50 deposit needs to be made by July 3rd, with final payment August 13th. Please call the church office at 231-798-2197 with any questions.

Church Tent Use
Two tents were purchased in memoriam of Mert and Dorothy Raschke. The tents are 20 ft x 30 ft and are available for rent to St. James members. Family and friends may use the tents but members must call to schedule and submit the fee. The rental fee of $25 per tent per day is to cover replacement parts and the purchase of additional tents. To rent the tents call Melinda O'Connell at 894-9535. There is a crew available to help with set up and take down. Make checks out to St. James Lutheran Church. Availability is first come, first serve.

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