People of God!

It's FEBRUARY! We have emerged from "cave days" darkness of December and January and the days are getting longer by the minute! Wonderful! Won't be long (March 10) when we'll be changing our clocks -- Spring forward -- and enjoying more daylight into the evenings! And then, before you know it, it will be Spring!

But in the meantime, I thank the Lord that things are going great and full-steam at church! Our Family Life Director, Russell, and his wife, Emilie, are settling in and it has been such a joy to get to know them both a bit more and start working with Russell. I believe he will be a wonderful blessing to our congregational family! He and I have started to meet every Monday morning for an hour-and-a-half to talk, catch up, plan, share, and pray together! I value him and I value our time like that together! That's not to say we don't connect the rest of the week, but we have both set aside this time on Monday's in our busy schedules intentionally for this purpose.

Lent doesn't start this month so we have a bit of a breather till March!

We have a great event happening on Sunday, February 10th, at noon! It is our Senior Citizen Thank You Dinner sponsored by our Youth! This is an outstanding fellowship event!

CANOE MAN UPDATE: We had our organizational meeting on January 20th for our nine intrepid Boundary Water Paddle Man Explorers! We will embark on the Ludington Badger Ferry on Saturday morning, July 27th and return on the Badger Saturday morning, August 3rd. BWCA Veteran Eric Lindstrom picked a great looking route and Entry Point for us, parts of which we have never been on before, so it will be an incredible adventure!

MEN, DON'T FORGET VALENTINE'S DAY ON THURSDAY THE 14th! This is just one special day to let those people you love in your life -- wife, children, parents -- know how much you love and appreciate them. Do it with a card, flowers, small gift, date, whatever. But do something. Never take loved ones for granted.

We continue to serve our Lord and His people together!
  ~ Pastor Brooks