People of God!

It's MARCH! The FIRST DAY OF SPRING is Tuesday, March 20th!

We also CHANGE THE CLOCKS in March on Sunday, March 11th – Spring Forward!

Warmer, longer days are a-comin'!

And Holy Week and the CELEBRATION OF EASTER is a-comin', too! Maundy Thursday is March 29th with Holy Communion at 7:30 pm. Good Friday is March 30th at 1 pm. And our Lord's Victorious Easter celebration is Sunday April 1st with sunrise worship at 7:00 am with Holy Communion, followed by our traditional Youth-sponsored Breakfast, and second service at 10:00 am!

At our recent Voter's Meeting a couple very important topics were discussed and approved.
One, is the enhancement of Church Security. We are starting with a new camera system on all entry doors with a screen monitor, speaker system, and door release button in the Church Office as all entry doors will be locked during business hours. At the Saturday, March 3rd Elder/Usher Breakfast (I am cooking from scratch Buttermilk Pancakes!) other Church Security ideas and suggestions will be discussed. We will have a Michigan State Police Officer present to assist us. Sadly, we live in a very different world today, and no place is safe. We want to do our best to protect our people and we will all adapt to whatever changes we need to make.

Secondly, is the Calling of an additional Staff person for our St. James Ministry Team. We have been so very blessed with our Vicar Paul and now his dear bride, Kati, working with us in so many ways this last year and in recent months. Vicar Paul's time with us is supposed to be up in June -- a one-year service, experiencing, and mentoring -- but he asked and we have approved the additional month of July to be with us, contingent on the new Staff person's possible arrival. Vicar would then be able to help out when I use a chunk of my vacation time and both he and Kati could enjoy our magnificent West Michigan Summer and beaches before they head back to our Seminary in Fort Wayne to further his pastoral education.

This new Staff position would have a strong emphasis on Youth and Education but would also have a broader spectrum of ministry service among us. We are seeking to extend a Call to someone in the field, hopefully with a family. I have established contact with our Michigan District Office and have forwarded them the Job Description. Please keep this in your prayers -- that God would guide the right individual to us hopefully by September. The District will provide a Call list to us based on our Job Description. I will keep you informed on the progress.

We continue to honor and serve our Lord, together!

God Bless You!

  ~ Pastor Brooks