People of God!

The weeks are flying by as we now enter October!

This month's starting off very busy with our annual 6-7-8th grade Confirmation Retreat to Spring Hill Camp near Evart! Even after nearly 30 years of going there with our kids, it is still a fantastic and fun time together! This will be our Family Life Minister -- Russell's -- first trip with us. The goal of this weekend get-away is to pull all our kids together and also with their teachers to get to know one another better; to enjoy some outstanding fellowship; to conquer fear and experience some challenge courses -- the Zip Line, Climbing Wall, High Ropes; to spend some time in God's Word; and, of course, to be crushed like a grape playing foosball against their pastor! Emoji

The Sunday we are gone, October 6th, we will have Pastor/Missionary Chuck Tessaro here to lead you in worship, share Holy Communion, and tell about some of the work God is doing through him and his dear wife, Karen, among the people of Nigeria. Pastor Chuck and Karen are long time friends of our congregation and it is always great to have them visit!

The Sunday we arrive back from Spring Hill, October 6th, I will be leaving for the Michigan District's Pastor's Conference at Boyne. I will be returning on Wednesday. This is a required activity for us and I try to make most of these Conferences.

I will be taking my last vacation week beginning Friday, October 11th. Deb and I will be taking our two dogs and going north to Gladstone in the U.P. to visit Michaela and her family that night. Deb and I will then leave on Saturday to go to Houghton to visit three of our young lads going to Michigan Tech: Daniel Lipka, Liam Lindstrom, and Ethan McKenzie. We plan on taking them all out for dinner, then to worship at our church in Houghton on Sunday morning, and then out for a brunch. It will be great to see them!

After our visit we in Houghton we will drive back to Michaela's for Sunday afternoon and evening where we will be celebrating one of our grandson's -- Willie's -- birthday! We will come home sometime Monday and I will be back in office on Wednesday the 16th.

Also in October we will celebrate our Lutheran Heritage with Reformation Sunday on the 27th! We'll sing some classic Luther Hymns! How many Lutherans does it take to change a light bulb??? Answer: Change? What's "change"??

On a personal note, our entire family is very thankful to the Lord for some progress with our grandson, Lucas. About a month ago Lucas had an electrical stimulator put in with a wire that sends pulses to his brain every five minutes to stop seizures. Deb also wears a magnet bracelet that she can swipe over the stimulator when she sees Lucas starting a seizure to stop it. And it works!!! Since she has eyes on Lucas ALL THE TIME when with him, she recognizes his facial characteristics when a seizure is about to begin. This has happened twice and she immediately swiped the magnet and stopped the seizure! Amazing! Thank you Lord!

Son Micah is immersed in his classes at our Fort Wayne Seminary and he and Audrey and their three little ladies are all doing fantastic! He was assigned the field work church in Ft. Wayne where daughters Abbey and Alyssa go to school which has also been very helpful as they enjoy worshipping there. In a "field work church" Seminary Students begin some "hands on" mentoring by the pastors there. Micah will probably be making some hospital and shut-in visits with his pastor, maybe teaching a Bible class or working with youth, later at some point assisting with the liturgy, and then even preaching a sermon or two! He is enjoying what he is learning and I'm confident he will continue to excel in his formulation to be a Pastor in our Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.

God is good!
  ~ Pastor Brooks