People of God!

It's FEBRUARY! The days are getting longer! And Ash Wednesday and Lent are fast approaching! Our Lenten Theme this year is: "By His Wounds We Are Healed." Here is an overview:
"The innocent Son of God had no sins of his own for which he deserved to die, yet his enemies falsely accused him of violating every commandment of God. In each service in this series, we will see that it was our sin, our disobedience that Jesus bore in his body on the cross. The Lord laid on him “the iniquity of us all.” Jesus suffered the penalty of death in our place, and “by His wounds we are healed.”

Ash Wednesday Worship will be on Wednesday, February 26th, at 7:30 p.m. Holy Communion will be served.

ATTENTION PARENTS OF OUR 8th GRADE CONFIRMANDS! I invite you to a vital meeting after 2nd service worship on Sunday, February 9th, to plan this years trip to the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. I need your input as to we go in March or April. I also need a Mom to come as a female chaperone, your expenses paid.

Don't forget on Valentine's Day, the 14th, to tell the people in your life YOU LOVE THEM! We never know how long they will be in our life.

On a personal note...

Our son, Micah, is now in the second half of his first year at our Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, IN, and is doing outstanding! He and Audrey and their family are very active in the Seminary Community. He is taking his first Homiletics Class this Semester -- which is how to write and deliver a sermon. Writing and delivering sermons is very much a learned skill and you learn best by doing. I'm still learning! Maybe on some future Sunday when he completes his necessary classes we'll have him home to share a sermon in worship. We are very proud of him.

Our Grandson, Lucas, has been having a tough time recently with a series of seizures. It could be because he is being weaned off some of the meds he has on. I was up there for a Friday night a few weeks ago. For Christmas Deb and I bought Annie and Wes a night out -- primarily so they can sleep, as they are always sleep deprived with Lucas frequently up during the night. Lucas and I have always connected well and he was such a loving, cuddly, fun, active little guy when I was there. He still can't talk but blurts out some words. Deb went down for bed with Lucas at 7 and I hung out with his brother, Eli, and put him down for bed at around 8. It was a good visit. We thank you for all your continued prayers and inquiries about him.
God is good!
  ~ Pastor Brooks