Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As we depart from Lent into the Easter season, I enjoy reflecting on this past year of serving here at St. James. I’ve had many various opportunities to learn by doing, with all age groups. As Summer begins, I’ll also have the opportunity to preach at some other local congregations. In addition to preaching at Faith for a Lenten service, May 20th I’ll be preaching at St. Steven’s, and June 17th I’ll be preaching at St. Matthews in Spring Lake.

Sunday School - Something that has really impressed me with this congregation is the volunteer force, especially noticeable in the elementary Sunday School. I’m thankful for the opportunity they’ve given me to step in and help teach Bible accounts to the children, something I haven’t had as much experience doing.

7th Grade Confirmation - I’ve really enjoyed my time with all the Jr. High students this year, but especially my 7th Grade Confirmation Class. It’s been an excellent opportunity to learn hands-on how to teach this type of class, and the kids have responded well with the various challenges I’ve given them.

Wednesday Night High School Youth - The high school youth are continuing learning the themes, structure, and literature of the Old Testament books. We have covered almost all of the history books (Genesis through Esther) and will soon begin the poetic and wisdom books (Job - Song of Songs). Our attendance was low throughout this year, but those that came learned a lot. This class will be wrapping up the same time as Midweek classes (April 25th).

Book Club - Our Monday book club will have its final meeting the Monday after Easter. This has been an excellent time for further education, and I want to thank everyone who has participated either in this club or the one last fall. I may look at having some other study group start up for May and June.

In Christ,
  Vicar Paul Gaschler