Dear St. James Family,

From the moment I arrived with Paul last summer I felt completely welcomed, even though I was only his girlfriend at that time. As time has gone by, you have continued to make me feel wanted, appreciated, and loved here. When I think about our engagement and the wonderful shower you threw for us, I am still floored by the generosity you all showed us on that day and every day since. I've loved my time here, not only in West Michigan, but at St. James. I am so blessed for having the opportunity to serve you by helping with the junior youth and the Facebook page. I could not have asked for a better congregation to be a part of. Our time is coming to an end here and while I am really looking forward to returning to my hometown, I will always miss our time here. We've formed lifelong friendships and we're excited to come back up here and visit every once in a while. Paul and I will keep you in our prayers and we ask that you all do the same for us in the coming months as Paul starts his 4th year of seminary and as I settle back into working full time. We will miss you all!
  The Gaschlers