Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Christmas season was a very enjoyable time for Kati and I here in Montague. It was good experience working through this busy time of the church year with Pastor Brooks, helping share the load of numerous services the weekend of Christmas and through advent. Kati’s parents came up from Indiana to celebrate the holiday with us for our first time hosting family together.

Kati and I were able to take our honeymoon the first week of January, to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was incredibly relaxing, we spent most of our time by the pools or ocean in the 80 degree sun. The resort we stayed at was very safe and friendly, as well as our time spent downtown in the tourist areas.

Having had a good opportunity to relax, Kati and I are both ready to jump back into our activities the rest of this year, especially with Lenten and Easter seasons coming just around the corner

Sunday School - I spent my first week observing and helping with the elementary classes on Sunday mornings. This is an especially helpful opportunity for me, I haven’t had much experience working with those age groups.

I’m also providing material for the Sr. and Jr. youth Sunday school to walk chapter by chapter through Mark’s gospel. The goal here is to familiarize them with a whole account of Jesus life and ministry and its flow, as well as focus on and discuss major parts. It works well as our Gospel readings for this year will mostly come from Mark

High School Youth Wednesday - Pastor Willenbrock (from Faith Lutheran Whitehall) and I are continuing to lead the high school through themes and structure of a different book of the bible each week (Wednesdays 5-6p). I’ve been extremely pleased by the response from them, they’ve seemed to enjoy learning more indepthly about each book, as well as how they all in their own way are pointing towards our salvation through Jesus Christ. Attendance has been low lately - it’s hard to find a good time to meet where we aren’t conflicting with school activities. But it’s important that we have an opportunity to have more fellowship together with other Christians their age, as well as having a time to learn more. If you are interested in helping provide meals or snacks for this group, please contact my cell #(308)882-6015

Book Club - My new book club started has started, we’re reading through. “Has American Christianity Failed?” by Pastor Bryan Wolfmueller. The title is a little misleading. Primarily it will teach us why we hold on to tightly to what we believe as LCMS Lutherans, and how it differs from a lot of newer American denominations, all based on the Bible as our ultimate authority. This will be excellent for you if: 1. You have questions about what we believe as Lutherans and why. 2. You have questions about other denominations, why we disagree, and why it's important. We still have a few books available (paid for by Thrivent Action Team) if anyone is interested in joining late. Classes started on Mondays from 7-8 PM, January 15th.
In Christ,
  Vicar Paul Gaschler