Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

My time here serving as Vicar continues to fly by. I’m very thankful for how well I have been received, as well as the opportunities and activities I’ve been able to participate and be involved in.

The date of my wedding, December 2nd, is coming up fast, and we’re both very excited to have her come join me here in Michigan.


High School Youth - Pastor Willenbrock and I have started leading the youth through a broad view of each book in the Bible. We draw out themes and ideas specific to each book, showing their different styles and content, but yet how they all point towards Jesus death on the cross for our salvation. This should aid them in their future study of the bible, giving them a foundational information about any given book they later read. Also, I’m starting to look for volunteers to provide meals/snacks for when the youth meet each Wednesday (@5pm). If interested, be watching for a sign-up sheet being put up in the near future, or contact me. We average about 8 youth each meeting, depending on what school activities are going on.

Jr. High & Sr. High Sunday School - I’m continuing to write single session bible studies for both the Jr. and Sr. high youth on Sunday mornings. We’re working our way through the Old Testament, highlighting key people and events, and showing how they pertain to our faith now in Christ.

Book Club - We just finished our 9 week book study of “Why Should I Trust the Bible?”. I thought this new activity was very much a success, we averaged around 12 participants each week, and regularly had good questions and discussion. I have a few leftover books that Thrivent donated, so if you weren’t able to attend but are still interested in reading this book, please contact me.

We will start a new book after the new year, either in mid January or the start of February. I have yet to finalize which book, but the options I am considering all deal with why we are Lutheran, and what makes us unique/different. In learning this, we will also be able to discuss some different denominations and their beliefs. There will be more information in the future about this all.

Again, I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve and learn from you all.

In Christ,
  Vicar Paul Gaschler